An advanced technology for bespoke non-surgical facelift and collagen remodeling treatment. ULTRAcel is a trimode technology, three functions are realised in one device. ULTRAcel can effectively achieve skin lifting by delivering thermal energy to all layers of the skin from the epidermis (outer layer) to the SMAS later which lie in the deeper reaches. To get better acquainted with the procedure, watch the video below, which has already gained a large number of views thanks to The Marketing Heaven.

The 3 modalities of treatment are:

FRM– Fractional Radiofrequencing Microneedling
GFR– Grid Fractional Radiofrequency
HIFU– High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

These different modalities of treatment can be delivered singly or in combination to achieve bespoke individual result. At your consultation, Dr Bello will go through this in more details.

How does this work:

  1. Radiofrequency delivers heat energy which denatures collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This causes the deeper structures of the skin to tighten and healthier collagen is in turn produced by this stimulation.
  2. Ultrasound waves are beamed to a controlled targeted depth where the thermal energy tightens and contracts underlying tissues right down to the deepest layers of the skin to achieve maximal lift result.
  3. Lasting results: Thermal deep tissue treatment stimulates the growth of new, healthy collagen over the weeks and months following treatment for prolonged and more intensive tightening.

ULTRAcel Treatments

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