About Dr Gladstone Bello

Dr Gladstone Bello is a medical doctor by profession. He is on the General Practice register of the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Dr Bello has a special interest in Medical Aesthetics/Cosmetic Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Fitness. He trained at the prestigious Harley Street in London under the mentorship of world renown cosmetic doctors. Having had extensive training at Harley Street with top class doctors, Dr Bello set up his own practice where he combines his knowledge of medicine and psychiatry to offer bespoke aesthetic treatments to his clients.

He regularly attends Cosmetic/Aesthetic Medicine Seminars both locally and internationally to keep up to date and is innovative with his holistic practice. As this branch of medicine continues to rapidly evolve and with the problems of regulation facing this discipline, Dr Bello keeps up to date with new technologies by attending peer-reviewed local and international conferences and seminars.

Dr Bello’s mantra is to be holistically beautiful inside and out by achieving a healthy body, mind and soul that is bespoke to you.