Playing In Support Of The Community

There are many ways that medical facilities can offer community benefit programs focused on healthy eating. This short outlines nine broad categories and on-site examples: Provide free or low-cost nutritious food resources to the community through a program of participation in the community food bank. Provide local access to healthy, organic and low-calorie or low-fat products. Demonstrate the value of healthy eating by encouraging participants to develop and implement a “healthy mile” running program.

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Providing healthy food options to the public through a community program of participation in the local food bank is an excellent way for a medical center to demonstrate its commitment to healthy nutrition education and community responsibility. Many community action organizations, including some of the major national and state agricultural clubs, have long been involved in the food banking movement. Through such efforts, the major agricultural clubs have developed guidelines for participating in the program of community farmers’ markets and the related nationwide network of agriculture and nutrition clubs. These organizations have developed a set of core principles for their food banks and farm shows that serve as a model for a healthy living and community agriculture programs.

Another example is the efforts of the medical centers and hospitals in the greater Seattle area. The hospitals participate actively in the King County Cleansing and Policing Grant Writing Program, in partnership with the county government, to provide low-cost, effective and equitable public health services. The hospitals also participate in the non-profit organization, Clean & Green Energy Foundation’s community benefit program, which provides grants to community participants for clean energy technology development. To this end, the King County Government and other cooperating agencies have formed a new entity called the Office of Public Health, which is a part of the Department of Health and Seattle Health Office. As part of the new organization, the participating hospitals have entered into an agreement with the City of Seattle to establish a new position in the public health field, to coordinate community efforts to improve health.

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